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Although business identity and business image may sound the same to you, these terms have some different meanings. The business identity can be defined as being built from the numerous characteristics through which the business and its products are recognized. The business image refers to the way the identity is perceived by the consumers, associates and business partners, mass-media and general public.

There are a lot of things that determine the business identity: the products or services that you sell, the logo and the ads (which are the most visible). But this is not all, the identity is affected by everything that you do and that the customers or potential customers might become aware of.

The “young” entrepreneurs might be tempted to think: “If my product is good, nothing else matters.” A good quality product is essential for a quality image, but the truth is that nowadays the image sells. People will not hand their money over to someone who communicates through his business image that he is not taking the business seriously.

First of all you have to think at what kind of vibe would you want your business to inspire: pioneers in a certain field, an innovative look, a traditional look, a top level company look, etc. For this, you have to be aware of three simple factors: the type of the business and the product, the targeted public and the competition.

Now all you have to do is start building your identity. But where do you start?

To have an identity that brings benefits you can’t wait for things to happen, you have to build that identity. Although a lot of elements are important in building an identity, there is no thing more important than the logo. This is that distinctive image for every business. The logo shows up in the correspondence header, on business cards and on every public material. The main goal of a logo is to concentrate the essence of an identity and instantly communicating it to the general public.

If you think that you don’t need a designer for this, think again. You will lose more money over time due to an unpleasant logo than you would do by paying a designer.

Here are some little tricks that can help you decide what kind of logo would you like:

  • Look at other businesses logos. Simply grab a pile of magazines and start looking through them. Look at the logos with a critic look and try to establish what kind of image that logo is trying to set.
  • Don’t aim for something complicated. An easier logo will have a better impact. Lots of graphics will complicate the logo, and its role is to send an instant message about the business or the product.
  • The color is everything. Light colors attract people. The color creates different identities and helps you differentiate from the rest.
  • Letter usage. If you decide that your logo should be a text, you should aim for “fat” letters. These create the image of a big, strong business.

Last but not least you have to think of a slogan. This is a group of words or a phrase that is placed beneath the logo and follows it everywhere. These are considered an important part of a logo and should briefly explain the business philosophy.


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