Social Media for Small Businesses

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Blog, Social Media |

Social media became a recent component of the business mix which grew in the last years and became a strong pillar in promoting a business in the online environment. Together with owning a website that describes your activity or products, being present and active on social networks became a competitive advantage not just for a start-up business but even for a full blown one.

Social networks bring together people and businesses on an online platform and their role is to enhance the interaction between the two of them. Mostly, the information presented in this kind of environment are texts, photos and videos.  The most used social networks are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

But why would a business want to be present on social networks?

For a business, the presence and frequency of social network posts are more important than ever. They became an alternative way to promote your image, your products and services you offer and, why not, enhance your sales. All this are due to the roles that a social network is taking:

  • Marketing and communication
  • Customer service
  • Sales

Social network ease up the process of maintaining the relationships with existing clients, creating new collaborators or getting to know your potential clients.

Promoting your business becomes that much more efficient when an owner decides to invest in the ways of promoting that are available on some social networks, this technique being known as sponsored campaigns.

Diversity is the main keyword on which most of the social networks are based on and this should determine business owners to have the courage to promote their ideas through the ways available on social networks. It is well known that the usage on social networks became so high that mobile phone producers decided to add a special button just for accessing them. The access on Facebook on mobile devices grew up to 76%, an equivalent of 432 million people accessing the greatest social network on mobile devices.

Promoting your business on social network is not a really hard task but usually it takes time, patience and a source of information to get used to their different styles and layouts. It is required a person attracted in this area, highly communicative, inventive and who is ready to answer quickly, with calm and with a sense of logic to the potential attacking messages.

So why waste time and money when you can become active on the social media and start interacting with your existing clients, creating a deeper bond with them, searching for potential clients or even seeing what are the people expecting from your business to achieve.


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